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Is Beyonce Paying Rent?

Beyonce Cosmetology Center Unveiling At Phoenix House

Source: Jason Kempin / Getty

Beyonce is coming out with a ‘Lemonade’ box set. It’s a coffee table book, the album on vinyl, and a few paragraphs. How much does it cost? $299.99. So for $300, you can get some pictures and 500 words. Baby, if Beyonce pays my rent for a couple months, I might set that $300 aside. Other than that, I’ll borrow someone else’s.
See some pics from the book, here.
Is Colin Kaepernick Single?
ESPN Presents Body At ESPYs

Source: Michael Kovac / Getty

Colin Kaepernick is continuing to make a difference in these streets. He just donated 50 custom-made suits to a company that offers free services to parolees who’ve served at least 5 years in prison.
All this good he’s doing, and he’s still a free agent in the NFL. Well all I know is, he’s the only person with no job who can get it TODAY. Is he single?
Go see pictures of my bae, here.

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