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Leave Travis Scott Alone

Travis Scott at the 2015 BET Hip-Hop Awards

Source: Aaron J. Thornton / Splash

Travis Scott got arrested after his show in Arkansas, for inciting a riot and some other things. He basically encouraged the crowd to rush the stage, and their dumb asses actually did it. Another time, Travis Scott told someone to jump off a balcony, and he did it and broke both of his legs. Listen why do y’all keep expecting Travis Scott to act like an adult? He’s a grown ass man with plaits in his head! You expect someone with that childish ass hairstyle, to be responsible?? You’re asking for a lot.

See the mugshot, here.

‘No Frauds’ Nicki is DEF Real

LOS ANGELES, CA - February 8, 2015 Nicki Minaj during the arrivals at the 57th Annual GRAMMY(R) A

Source: Allen J. Schaben / Getty

A couple weeks ago, Nicki Minaj paid off some student loans for her fans. Well now, she plans on starting a charity to continue the good work.

Listen, every part of Nicki’s body might be fake, but her heart seems to be real! Lemme call Sallie Mae and tell her that she’ll be getting a payment soon.

See when she’ll be paying off more loans, here.

K Michelle’s Forgotten Who Made┬áher Famous

142nd Kentucky Derby - Red Carpet

Source: Gustavo Caballero / Getty

K Michelle has some pretty interesting rules for her upscale Atlanta restaurant. No kids after 8 pm; okay fine. ID required for all credit and debit cards; understandable. But then she has a mandatory 18% gratuity. Okay hold on; the people who got you famous, can’t even afford to eat at this bougie place, and now you’re gonna tell the people who do eat here, how much to tip you?? So you’re basically fueling the stereotype that black people don’t tip. Umkay; let’s see who buys your next album.

See the ridiculous rules here.

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