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Things aren’t always on some “hehe haha” ish. You know when the top player in the NBA has major concerns and directly affected by racism, nobody is safe.

Lebron speaks out about his LA home being vandalized with the N word.


It’s 2017, and the world continues to show us that color does matter. No matter the type of money you do or don’t have.

How do you teach children or adults that there is a right from wrong? Is it learned behavior? and is it something learned at home or in the classroom?

I ask because it seems to be an issue over at Walnut Hills HS. Where a student had the audacity to believe mimicking a classmate in black face was funny? and continued to use racist slurs.

Check the tweets below

The school did email the students with their concern.

This isn’t just a “comment” or a “like”.

When will the blatant disrespect and racism, even in our backyards, be called what it actually is. It’s very clear.

What are your thoughts?

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