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Were The Cavs High Yesterday??

2016 NBA Champions Cleveland Cavaliers Visit The White House

Source: Leigh Vogel / Getty

So the Cavs are down 2-0 after getting the brakes beat off them last night, and a reporter might have some clues as to why. He said he smelled weed in the Cavs locker room. Now it could’ve come from media, players, anyone with access. But, with the way they’re playing, my money is on every Cavalier player NOT named Lebron James.

See the tweets here.

Is Birdman Gonna Pay Lil Wayne??

Celebrities At The Clippers Game

Source: Noel Vasquez / Getty

Birdman is looking to sell his mansion for $20 million. His real estate agent says he’s looking to downgrade from the 7-bedroom, 12-bathroom house. Sooo….does this mean Lil Wayne is finally gotta get that money Birdman owes him…? Yea prolly not.

See what else the house has, here.

Jay-Z Has to Grow Up

Utah Jazz v LA Clippers - Game Seven

Source: Andrew D. Bernstein / Getty

First Bow Wow, now Jay-Z. So Hov was at Game 2 of the finals, kicking it with Kevin Hart, and of course the photographer wanted to take a shot. But Jay-Z isn’t gonna just have any picture taken. So he tells the photographer to take a picture while they’re joking.

So he did, and now you have this ole happy ass picture of Jay-Z and Kevin Hart. I’m not shocked Jay-Z does it for the ‘gram. He’s been lying about his age for decades.

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