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KEEP IT SO REAL. Toss the machismo, burn the cape, get with some friends and be frank about how the recent world tragedies are making you feel. Given the differences in folks’ daily routines, expect your friends and loved ones to have concerns that both mirror yours but also differ. These conversations are great opportunities to support each other and share ideas on ways to alleviate the stress everyone is feeling.

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TIME FOR SOME ACTION. Preparation makes everyone feel a little bit more empowered.  Review the steps you’d like your immediate family to take if an emergency arises—consider everything from assigning meeting places, stashing supplies (cash, batteries, water, etc…) and memorizing extra contact numbers.

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PUT A CAP ON IT. Staying informed is great, but information overload can also contribute to your stress levels. The news cycle may be 24/7 but that doesn’t mean you have to remain plugged in all day. It’s okay to tap out. Opt for one or two-a-day check-ins when you’re feeling burned out.

DO SOMETHING. Nowadays, everyone can be part of change in some manner. Want to make a difference? Raise money for a cause online. Volunteer with a local agency. Organize folks in your community. Do whatever it takes to ensure you feel like part of creating a change that makes things better.

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