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Four people arrested after a peaceful protest turns physical with the police.

It was a beautiful Saturday (June 17) and a beautiful scene to see in downtown Columbus. With the seas of rainbow and people from all walks of life celebrating the Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade, one incident did occur involving the police.

WBNS reports that four people were arrested and two officers were hurt during the festivities. Police tell media that protesters for black LGBTQ rights did not obey orders to move away and not block the parade route. Once police try to physically remove the protestors things quickly got out of hand.


Police said there was an altercation when the protest group resisted.

One person tried disarming an officer and the officer was hurt, according to police.

Police said another officer was injured while arresting someone else.

One of those officers has a torn ACL according to police.

Police said the charges for those arrested range from aggravated robbery, resisting arrest causing harm to a police officer, fail to comply with a police officers order or signal to disorderly conduct-hindering movement.

The protestors were from the People’s Justice Project and wanted to take a moment of silence for the death and injustice of Philando Castile’s trial ended with a not guilty verdict.

Police say they do not plan to reach out to the group.

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