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Meet D-Block, the founder of NYC’s Cycle Squad—a crew of bikers playing by their own rules and riding from sun up to sun down. With over 220k followers watching his death-defying moves (seriously, do NOT try any of these tricks at home), the Harlem native is in a lane all his own.

The Harlem native credits his grandmother with gifting him his first bike around the age of 12. He recalls watching X Games as a kid which helped inspire him go beyond the basics of riding a bike.

The rest of the Cycle Squad speaks up about D-Block’s passion for riding, considering him the best rider in NYC and how he can be seen riding day and night. Some of the team rides to stunt, some ride to cruise with friends, while others do it just to keep in shape. But all that matters is that they ride together.

Watch D-Block pull off some wild—and dangerous— tricks above.

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