TMZ got LaVar out in L.A. and asked him about the new Ball reality show, and if this officially makes his family the Kardashians of the hardwood.

“I ain’t no Kardashain, I ain’t Kris Jenner. We the Balls, welcome to the Ball era.”

Keeping it real, the Kardashian comparisons make sense. Each family has one super famous kid, names that start with the same letter, and like Kris Jenner, LaVar seems to be a branding genius.

Add in the new reality show and all you need is a steady influx of Black athletes for them to be identical … wait, got that too.

But do you want to be the one to call out LaVar on it? We thought not.

BTW … he also dished to TMZ about who in L.A. can expect discounts on the $500 ZO2 shoes. It’s good news for Jordan Clarkson, and bad news for Denzel Washington.

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