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A video from 1954 called “The Secret Of Selling To The Negro” appeared recently on 1 Million Africans Official social pages and is causing people to “stay woke.”

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In the video it begins with a Black man trying on a hat and the narrator speaking on the fact that people need recognition.


Then he says, “The negro needs it even more, he needs to feel important and appreciated.”

As the video continues he also explains that negro customers asks for things by name brand and don’t like off brand items.

They move on to another scene where a Black woman is buying crystal glasses, so she can impress her friends.

The video then states, “Many negro customers are influenced by the opinions of others, what their friends may think of a certain item often decides whether the sale is made.”

At the end the video goes on to state the keys to closing the sale and mentions that negro’s buy more quality products and spend more money than any other group.

Some comments shared said,”When he said “Brand name” my heart sunk b/c this is still relevant today (MK, Gucci, Jordans, Nike, ect).”

Although this video is from nearly 63 years ago, some perceive that it still carries the same weight now.

What are your thoughts on this video?

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