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Whether it’s being that awkward Black girl, struggling in your dating life or just confused AF about life, Issa Rae’s Insecure” is a show many could relate to.

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We caught up with Jay Ellis, who plays “Lawrence” to get details on season two and of course pry into his personal life a little.

On the first episode of “Insecure” we meet Lawrence as Issa comes in from a long day of work.

From what the audience can see there is already some kind of tension as Issa talks about her day. That’s when we find out that Lawrence is educated, unemployed and still trying to go after his dreams.

When we asked Ellis about what his character could’ve done before that pilot episode to save his relationship he said, “Communication, he should of expressed what was bothering him, what his problems were.”

Ellis also mentioned that Black men in general have a hard time doing that because some aren’t raised to express themselves.

In the show we watch his characters style evolve from grey sweatpants to a nice suit for the interview, but in real life Ellis dresses for the L.A. weather and loves his jeans complimented with a stylish shirts.

“Insecure” is filmed in Englewood and it plays a major role in the characters lives, the environment is filled with so much “authenticity.”

Ellis said, “I lived in L.A. for 13 years now and Englewood has always been apart of my life, its my community where people that look like me own business etc.”

The series shows a great relationship between successful, educated Black women, one thing he let us in on is this season we see more of Lawrence’s circle and a lot of guest appearances.

One question that was so many wanted to know was, what did leaving the Best Buy shirt in the closet symbolize?

Ellis, while laughing said, “Freedom, prosperity and hope.” He mentioned that we never see Lawrence pack his clothes and said, “Just the thought of Issa being with another man weighed too heavy and he couldn’t let it go or overlook it. For him it might have been a bit petty. It was a way of saying this is something I did this for you not just for me.”

Ellis’s passion is to help people, he devotes time to be involved in the HIV/AIDS organization Amfar. He said, “My uncle died in the early 90’s to Aids and I was a kid and didn’t know what really happened when I got older I understood what it was.”

He mentioned the numbers are alarming and wants to help as many people as he can.

Inside-OUT writers is another program he works with which teaches Black youth in juvenile detention centers creative writing. It helps them express their feelings and tell their story.

Lastly fans should be excited that Ellis is releasing a web series called, “Hard Medicine.”

It was created by a young Black woman that wanted to share the story about her single mother, which was a doctor fighting to keep her clinic open in Atlanta.

The story follows the quirky staff members, which will be released Aug 2nd. 

Don’t forget to tune into “Insecure” this Sunday at 10:30 pm on HBO.

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