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“I think we can make this happen,” he said during the event Thursday. “The groundswell of support is increasing as we speak.”

Senate Bill 188 would partially undo changes that lawmakers made in 2013 addressing where turbines can be built. The bill deals will the minimum distance required between a turbine and property lines and houses.

Before 2013, turbines could be built within about 550 feet of a property line, a figure based on the height of the tower and blade. Then, four years ago, lawmakers made an amendment to an unrelated measure that increased the distance to about 1,300 feet. Ever since, wind-industry groups and others have pushed for a reversal of the change.

“With the bill just being introduced, members have not yet had an opportunity to review the language,” said Brad Miller, spokesman for House Republicans. “However, the speaker and Senate president have, and will continue to have, discussions on this important issue, and House Republicans will thoroughly review the legislation should it ultimately pass the Senate.”