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This is such a sad story, and with so many speculations of what could have possibly happened to Kenneka Jenkins, its hard to cough up the truth. Hopefully police and her family get to the bottom of what really happened, and how this 19 year old ended up in a freezer.

Andrew Holmes, a community activist in Chicago who viewed the footage Thursday, said the young woman was alone the whole time she was in the basement and may have been trying to get out. He said she may have thought the walk-in freezer was an exit.

“From me looking at the video, she was trying to find her way back upstairs to the lobby and she was checking the doors just trying to find her way upstairs,” Holmes said.

See Kenneka HERE

Protesters have been around the Crown Plaza Hotel over the last two days, demanding more transparency from police in their investigation into the 19-year-old’s death. Many said they suspect a cover up.

Now that the surveillance video is in the hand of the family’s attorney, it may offer some clarity.

Lets just pray Justice is served and found