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Columbus is close to having one of the coolest rides in America!

How cool would it be to travel from Columbus to Chicago or Pittsburgh in 30 minutes! That is what the city is hoping to do becoming a finalist for the Hyperloop.

The Hyperloop Midwest would travel 478 miles between Chicago, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. The pod would use electricity and magnets to travel.

Columbus is in the Top 10 of international finalists for the bid. Here are the other winning cities for the Hyperloop:

  • US Dallas-Laredo-Houston (Texas)
  • US Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo (Colorado)
  • US Miami-Orlando (Florida)
  • India Bengaluru-Chennai
  • India Mumbai-Chennai
  • UK Edinburgh-London
  • UK Glasgow-Liverpool
  • Mexico Mexico City-Guadalajara
  • Canada Toronto-Montreal

You can find more information on the Hyperloop on the Midwest Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s website.

Source: WBNS

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