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Montia Sabbog, the woman part of  Kevin Hart sex-extortion video scandal came forward at a press conference Wednesday, saying, “I am not an extortionist. I had nothing to do with these recordings.”

Accompanied by her attorney Lisa Bloom, the actress and model Montia Sabbag appeared at her lawyer’s offices to set the record straight about her “intimate” relationship with the actor and comedian.

 Bloom spoke for her client, saying she was the victim of multiple felonies, that she was secretly taped.

“It is a crime to secretly put cameras in a private place like a hotel room,” Bloom said. “It is another crime to secretly record people in a private place. It is yet another crime to distribute those images. Montia is the victim of multiple felonies under state and federal laws.”

The attorney also spoke directly to Hart during the conference, asking for his involvement in finding the person disseminating the video.

“We invite Mr. Hart to join us in bringing the perpetrator to justice,” Bloom continued. “To the criminal who did this, I say you belong in prison and we are going to find you.”

They even implied that Sabbog and Hart had an intimate relationship

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