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Just when we thought the domestic debacle between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna was over….. it’s not!


Here’s the quickie version of everything that has happened thus far…

  1. Rob and Chyna break up (we don’t know how many times)
  2. Chyna cheats on Rob and sends him evidence of her cheating
  3. Rob shares the evidence on his Instagram account
  4. Rob shares nude pics of Chyna on his Instagram account
  5. Rob shares evidence Chyna got plastic surgery
  6. Instagram suspends Rob’s account
  7. Chyna lawyers up
  8. The couple enters a custody battle over baby Dream
  9. Chyna gets a restraining order against Rob
  10. Rob agrees to pay 20K a month in child support
  11. And NOW… Rob sues Chyna why?

Rob is saying that Chyna strangled him with an iPhone cord, chased him around their house with a gun and damaged property.  What a mess!  But we bet money that Rob has evidence!

Keeping Up With The Foolery Between Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna
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