Power 107.5

In NBA 2K18, each active player in the NBA,rated on a 99-point scale. When the game launched on September 19, LeBron James was a 97. James Harden was a 95. DeMarcus Cousins was a 92. Lonzo Ball was an 80.

James Harden, for example, has a passing accuracy of 78; this is a drop from 2K17, because last year, he led the NBA in turnovers per game. His durability is 95. His free throw is an 85. His ability to draw fouls is a 98. The developers consider approximately 50 such attributes to get a complete picture of each player.

We have to balance the statistics,” said 2K Games Producer Michael Stauffer in an interview with Complex. “For example, a guy like Kyrie Irving has great lateral movement. We don’t want him to feel slow, but at the same time, we don’t want him to be overpowering on defense.”

And there you have it….now go enjoy a game of 2k.

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