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“Whatever Blackness and Black identity mean now, is not what it means tomorrow. It’s really something fluid and that every person and every generation influences”:- Andre Woolery

Andre Woolery is a multimedia artist that has been challenging the perceptions and misconceptions of Black culture, black identity, and the black experience through his art. Being of Jamaican descent (First generation Jamaican) and growing up in Morristown New Jersey, Andre discusses the big difference between the Jamaican and American black experience. Woolery touches media stating that within Jamaican media television stations and shows are filled with people “who look like you” whereas in American media you rarely “see yourself” so to speak.

Woolery sits down with Complex.com and partnership with Peet’s Coffee celebrating individuals that are driven by their passion. Andre talks about his transition from digital graphic design, advertisement, to coming full circle back to his love for art where it all started. Furthermore, Andre Woolery talks about fusing the two art mediums together to create a balance and how it is being translated into documenting the multifaceted and fluid black experience.

Check out Andre Wooley’s slideshow of his art below


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