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A McDonald’s employee in New York City was arrested Wednesday when he was caught serving a customer coke with his burger and fries.

Police received a tip about an employee selling cocaine to customers, so they sent an undercover cop to the fast food restaurant to investigate. Authorities say 26-year-old Frank Guerrero sold the undercover officer more than $10,000 worth of cocaine and $6000 worth of crack cocaine. They say he would keep the drugs stashed inside a restroom soap dispenser until a customer came in. Then he would slip it to them with their burger and fries.

Police later raided his home and found more cocaine and cash. Guerrero, who has worked at the McDonald’s for eight years, was arrested along with his live-in girlfriend for a number of charges, including criminal possession of drugs. (New York Post)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • So that’s why so many people were ordering Happy Meals.
  • Needless to say he was fired.
  • Didn’t anyone think it was strange that people were paying $80 for a Big Mac meal?
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Source: Radio One / Don Juan Fasho

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