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Ok so this caught my attention from snapchat, and of course since i am a woman i decided to look further into it. So first I have to ask you if you are a woman have you had an orgasm?

If so Great, if not heres what may be the problem. According to and Dr. Sherry A. Ross

Women must first understand what brings them pleasure and in their pursuit of happiness they have to understand where their clitoris is and how to stimulate it. Masturbation is a skill.  It has to be learned, just as walking, running, singing and brushing your teeth.

At the same time, its easier to have an orgasm with a regular partner then a man you’ve just met, seeing that an orgasm is tied to Emotion.

Then you have to ask yourself does your body really like Sex, how tuned in with your body are you.

One of the biggest ways to help with an Orgasm is to Masturbate.

Robert Rabbit

Source: Lelo Ina 2, / Lelo Ina 2,

Give it a go!

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