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Food Network “How’d That Get on My Plate” host Sunny Anderson is regretting some comments she made on Twitter recently. According to Love B. Scott the host criticized Harvey Weinstein accusers form coming forward so late.

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Anderson spoke about how she came out at a time to report a former boss of sexual harassment and said, “When I reported my 1st radio boss for sexual harassment, I felt brave. The 4 co-workers that came out AFTER me were not brave to me…at all.” She then had words for the ones that came forward and said, “In fact I blamed them and still do for not being BRAVE and reporting him before he had a chance to make one more victim.”

Anderson also questioned why the women that had been allegedly sexually harassed went to meet him in the hotel room to begin with. After many began to bash her on Twitter for the comments she made she then deleted the tweet. She also apologized and said, “I’ve deleted my obviously polarizing & offensive statement. As a victim & warrior against sexual harassment in the work place, I apologize.”

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