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Even someone as Twitter-savvy as LeBron James isn’t immune to a DM debacle.

The Cavaliers forward could be feeling the heat Tuesday morning, days after Instagram model and hunter Heidi V. Hoback shared her exchanges with the NBA superstar on a public platform.

“Athletes slide in girls dms all the time so this isn’t the craziest part but sheesh … biggest buck I’ve ever seen over here,” Hoback posted on Snapchat, per screenshots obtained by Terez Owens on Thursday, in which James, 32, asked, “Teach me how to hunt and I’ll teach you to play ball. Deal? Lol.”

Though Hoback shielded her replies with a slew of skull emojis, the responses allegedly enticed James to ask, “Where are you?”

After being told by her followers that James is a married man, Hoback addressed the negative press Sunday with an eight-minute YouTube video.

“I honestly was just having a normal day,” Hoback said. “Going over and hunting and then this wild encounter with a buck happened and it just so happened to be right when LeBron DMed me, so I thought I would share that.

“I took to Snapchat to share it with my followers because I thought it would be a funny story. You know, the message was pretty innocent as far as I know. And then some of my followers informed me that he was married, which I had no clue because I don’t follow him. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan so I wasn’t aware of that at all. I guess that’s why it’s been made into a bigger deal than I originally thought it’d be.”

James has been married to high school sweetheart Savannah since 2013. The couple share three children, LeBron Jr., 13, Bryce, 7, and Zhuri, 3.

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