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No wonder she fainted, there has to be a lot more going on with Wendy and her husband now that we all know he may have a mistress on the side. Wow! this is definitely a Hot Topic

Unfortunately, Wendy Williams continues to make headlines. New photos have surfaced of the talk show host’s husband, Kevin Hunter (46) and Sharina Hudson (32), a woman who he is allegedly having a 10-year-relationship with, together in public.

This week, photogs spotted Hunter picking up Hudson, a massage therapist in New York City. Both were casually dressed, with Hudson wearing a large diamond ring on her wedding ring finger as she climbed into Hunter’s red Bentley SUV.

Earlier in the week, Williams was spotted heading into her talk show studio, being dropped off in Hunter’s same vehicle

Is it me, or does she kind of favor Wendy a little bit?

Courtesy of the Jasmine

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