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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop opens up with Lil’ Mo singing in the park. She moved from Philly back to NYC with her hubby, boxer Karl “Dynamite” Dargan. Her story is one we’ve heard before, she’s trying to start over. But there’s more…

Mo and her hubby link up with Papoose and Remy Ma for a double date, of course! They chat over lunch about balancing parent life with work life, and according to Lil’ Mo and her husband–lots of thots looking for attention. Apparently, some woman accused Karl of cheating on Mo with her. This was years ago, though.

Um…you know where this is going, right? Translation: This storyline fin to be dramaful (yes, dramaful) af because that woman or other women are probably about to rise up like zombies in the “Thriller” video with new or more cheating accusations.

Anais links with Marcus to talk about her ill-fated discussion with Ashley (Marcus’ girl). Anais kept calling Ashley a b–ch, etc. Problem is, Ashley is also Marcus business partner so Anais better figure out how to get professional. Marcus sticks up for his girl by telling Anais to stop calling his girl names. Later on, Marcus has Anais and Ashley sit down in an attempt to mediate peace.


It surprisingly does not go left. Ashley and Anais manage to get on the same page and the conclusion is that Anais’ line stepping behavior is just business and that Ashley is taking some things, like Anais’ sending Marcus pictures of herself (for business approval, of course), too personal.

Mariahlynn’s boyfriend, James R, is also an artist. He’s shooting a video soon and taps Sophia Body, a former video vixen, to be his leading lady. His meeting with her is just as flirty and inappropriate as you’d think. Sophia says she wants to move away from being the sexy vixen, but you know she does the video anyway, right?

James is coming on so strong that Sophia asks if Mariah is his girl. James does what any upstanding creep would do–he lies!


Moving on, it turns out that Dreamdoll isn’t feeling Bianca either. Basically, Dreamdoll and and Bri are friends. They link up to “play pool” and really talk why they don’t rock with Bri like that. Apparently, Bianca was at a Dreamdoll event (off camera) and turned all the way up trying to fight someone there, which ruined the event, so now Dreamdoll’s issue is that Bianca owes her an apology that she’s never going to get. Then Bri mentions that time not long ago when Bianca threw a shoe at her. Dreamdoll gets the bright idea to chat with Bianca and get the apology she deserves, and to figure out why Bianca doesn’t like Bri.


This conversation obviously goes where you’d think. Dreamdoll tells Bianca to stay away from her “sis” or she’s going to pop off on her too. Bianca tells Dreamdoll to do what she gotta do because she’s going to pop off on Bri again at some point.

But about Dreamdoll popping off, let’s take a moment to never forget:

Yup, she kicked the weakest girl in the house in the back even after the girl said she didn’t want to fight.


The episode concludes with James’ video shoot, featuring Sophia. Basically, James and Mariah haven’t spoken since Mariah shut James down that time he confronted Self about his intentions with Mariah. In this scene, Mariah walks in to see what’s going on, only to find out that James was trying to kick it to Sophia and that he said he and Mariah weren’t together. For some reason, this triggers Mariah enough to sucker slap Sophia (obviously her rage is misguided) and after the security breaks it up, Mariah changes the lyrics to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to add “b–ch got punched right in her eye.”

You know the scene, you all saw it in the Love and Hip-Hop New York super trailer.

James then tries to deflect from his jacked up behavior by claiming to be turned off by Mariahlynn’s bad behavior. He says he can’t have a woman acting like this. He’s basically Cisco 2.0.

Gag…but we’ll be back at it next week during what will hopefully be a more exciting episode.


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