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Back in July, a trailer for Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! was released, which is the twentieth film in the Pokémon series. The film is said to be a retelling of the Indigo League saga that stems from the television show, marking the 20th anniversary of the series, but there’s a big change that has audiences in the theater completely freaking out.

For everyone who follows the series (or watched it as a child), it’s known that–for the most part–the Pokémon species don’t speak English, or any real language beside just saying their name over and over. That changes in this new film, in a *spoiler alert* scene when Ash is dying, Pikachu speaks a full sentence of English out of nowhere, and people cannot contain their shock and disappointment.

According to those who saw the film, right after this little surprise, Pikachu goes right on back to not speaking English, and it’s never mentioned or referenced again. Weird, right? For everyone who spent their childhood knowing that Pikachu could only communicate by repeating, “Pika pika,” this footage was truly weird, and nobody seems to be a fan.

Check out the disappointed reactions from some long time fans below.

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