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The judge who sent Meek Mill to the clink for at least another two years is starting to look extra funny in the light. Besides being reportedly under investigation by the FBI, court filings reveal Judge Genece Brinkley allowed the Philly rapper to kick it with a convicted felon despite being on parole. 

Interestingly, the convicted felon is Charlie Mack, first out the limo for you OG Hip-Hop heads.

Reports TMZ:

TMZ has obtained a court transcript in which the Assistant D.A. in Meek’s case reminded the judge that she made a big exception for Meek associating with Charlie Mack. Mack pled guilty in 1997 to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine, for which he got a 60-month sentence.

As we told you, the FBI is reportedly investigating whether Judge Genece Brinkley has a connection to Mack and whether she tried to steer Meek’s business Mack’s way.

According to the January 2014 transcript, Meek’s attorney at the time, Gary Silver, and the prosecutor, Noel DeSantis, are discussing the terms of Meek’s probation. It reads in part:

 THE COURT: “Okay. The other thing that was raised that I have to address is this issue about him signing parole papers, probation papers that he’s not going to be around convicted felons … and the rules of probation state he can’t be around convicted felons.”

— DeSantis: “Your Honor, [Meek]’s not supposed to be around anyone who is under supervision and be around known felons. Your Honor made an exception back in the day with the management to Mr. Mac. That was the only exception that you made.”

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