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The United States prison system is not easy and living in it is even harder. What isn’t talked about is the way women are treated behind bars. The Pink Panther Clique is a book that shines the light on the life women face behind bars.

Prison reform activists Jamila Davis, Aisha Hall and Sunshine Smith Williams each spent time behind bars and put their experiences together to write this book. Wahida Clark, who founded her own publishing company from behind bars, found their story and helped publish and bring it to life.

Clark was amazed by the story these women had to tell.”First of all the writing style, even before that when they had reached out to me I heard the passion in their voices, their motivation and how coachable they were I said ‘okay this is somebody I can work with.’” She continued, “My job is to give back. I can’t forget where I came from.”

“Well, the story is about three women who get together behind bars and it talks about the circumstances that they face that led them to federal prison. It’s courageous women and that’s what we wanted to show people,” explains Clark. “We created this story to kind of show people the storyline to humanize us and to show that when we join forces together anything is possible.”

To learn more about The Pink Panther Clique head over to http://www.thepinkpantherclique.com/

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Inside Her Story: Learning About The Courageous Women Behind Bars  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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