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Cards Continues to shine, especially with her 5 minutes on the Jimmy Fallon couch. Although she did not perform she definitely gave a interesting bomb interview.

2017 iHeartRadio Canada Jingle Ball

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For instance, Jimmy Fallon asked where she got her name Cardi B from…

“”My sister’s name is Hennessy, right?” she said. “So everybody used to call me Bacardi, so I always call myself Bacardi, right? And then it was my Instagram name—Bacardi, Bacardi B—but for some reason my Instagram kept getting deleted and I think it was Bacardi that had something to do with it. So I just shortened it to Cardi B.”

Or how about the fact that a producer was so entertained by how funny she was, they may be considering giving Cardi B her own late-night series of her own.


Keep Winning, Ms. Cardi B


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