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You would think this would have made 23 yr old Michael Joseph Oleksik. We’ll Nov 29, when he went to the ATM it wasn’t working properly. So Oleksik decided to hit the Atm machine a few times, but little did he know that it would spit out $5,000 at him.

Those overdraft fees were probably crazy. You would think like what a come up, but not if you didn’t have the money in your account. Also not if you beat up the machine to the point are the owners are going o press charges on you for it.

Once bank officials realized the extent of the damage Oleksik caused, they contacted the Cocoa Police Department to press charges. Oleksik was arrested on Friday (Dec. 23) and taken to the Brevard County Jail Complex in Sharpes, Fla.

Oleksik actually called the bank to apologize for punching the ATM shortly after the incident occurred, saying he was “angry the ATM was giving him too much money, and he did not know what to do.” according to Florida Daily

SMH no come up there!

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