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Five men have been arrested in connection to a shootout at a Cleveland gas station that left a 7-year-old shot.

“Eddie Johnson, 18, Stefone Black, 27, and Steve Stewart, 30 were charged with aggravated robbery and felonious assault for waging an attack on Deangelo Billingsley, 26, and Clarence Moore, 25 at the Sunoco on East 156th Street and Waterloo Road last Tuesday, December 19. Billingsley and Moore were also detained, except their charges are for drug trafficking, tampering with evidence, and gun possession.

Surveillance footage taken from a security camera on the premises shows Stewart and Johnson get out of a vehicle driven by Black, and walk over to Billingsley’s car which was parked at the pump.

Black eventually follows, as the three reportedly set their sights on robbing Billingsley and Moore. Moore sat waiting for Billingsley to return from purchasing some items in the store.

Before Billingsley could get back to his ride, he was grabbed up and held at gunpoint by Stewart. Black then goes around to the passenger side of the vehicle with an AK-47 in hand but is shot in the stomach by Moore as soon as he pulled the door open. The shot sent Black to the ground, but in the process, he was able to open fire and strike Moore once in the face. When Moore got out, he recovered the AK-47 Black had dropped but was shot in the back by Stewart, who was using Billingsley as a human shield. Moore continued to run off, losing the AK-47 and eventually collapsing when he got to another gas station one block away.

Billingsley was tossed to the ground and forced to crawl around his car in an attempt to evade a barrage of shots that wound up ripping through the car of another customer and grazing a 7-year-old girl in the finger.”

via VladTV