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If you are anything like me, I am always trying to make sure my eyes are popping. To me they are one of the features that meeds the most attention.

Like yes my skin has to be clear, so i drink plenty of water and do my best to stress. But after those things i attend to my eyes.

Lately Ive been keeping my lash extensions up, and using my eyeshadow pallet to work on having a bomb smokey eye. If you don’t want to do all that check out these tips from to make your eyes brighter.

Use anti-aging eye cream: Give your eyes a lift with the help of some quality eye cream. Begin by applying a pea-sized dab of the formula to your ring finger. Then gently tap it along orbital bone and brow bone. do not pull the skin down around your eye.

De-puff your skin: You can try caffeine-based skin-tightening cream as another treatment option. Use the cooling applicator to ease swelling around your eyes.

Get thicker lashes: Make your eyes pop with the help of bold, beautiful lashes. Just be sure to opt for a conditioning mascara in basic black. Be careful about dyes it can cause eye irritation

Wear sunglasses: Sporting a pair of stylish shades not only looks good and offers a quick fix when your eyes are puffy, but it also protects your eyes from sun damage.

Phone a friend: Nothing makes eyes sparkle more than connecting with loved ones, i always give my best friend a call when i need some waking up

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