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So I found this to be interesting due to the fact hat I myself have these habits when taking a shower.

Its according to findings in SELF Magazine. So her they are

  1. You Don’t Shave Right Away
  2. You Haven’t Changed Your Razor in Two Weeks
  3. You Shower Too Often
  4. Your Leave Your Loofah in the Shower
  5. You Reuse Yesterdays Washcloth
  6. You Don’t Filter Your Water
  7. You’re taking Extremely Hot Showers
  8. You’re Using Irritating Products
  9. Your Overdoing it with the Scrubbing
  10. Your not Moisturizing immediately after you Shower
  11. Your not wearing Shower Shoes at the Gym

Take a look at those, and if any of those sound like you, you just may have to switch it up. Less Bacteria, better skin, and better hygiene.

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