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Real Housewives of Atlanta is back from break! Kenya is preparing to shoot her domestic violence PSA and she taps the other women, including Shamea, to be part of it. Marlo reveals to Nene that she’s having a tea party in the Hamptons (the Atlanta version, aka Marlo Hampton’s house) and invites Porsha and Cynthia because in her mind this is where Nene and Porsha are finally going to make peace. Nene is not thrilled, of course, but we’re probably being set up for another dramaful meet up.


Kandi’s restaurant, Old Lady Gang, is flourishing, but it’s a new business so it’s not without issues. That becomes really clear when the actual old lady gang (Kandi’s mom and aunts) show up to tell Kandi and Todd that they need to make some changes with the hostess set up, how the cooks are dressed, general staff uniforms, and with finding a new general manager. Kandi’s aunts did work in the food industry so there’s validity to their concerns. Kandi and Todd understand there’s always room for improvement so they get to it. You know Kandi doesn’t play when it comes to her business.

Now it’s time for Marlo’s tea party of four. Cynthia and Porsha arrive first and things start off without tension. Cynthia and Marlo feel like since they’ve had experience with falling out with Nene and then being friends with her again, that Porsha and Nene can make up too.

Bless their hearts.


Nene finally comes through, and it turns out their “tea” is actually vodka and cranberry. They’re seriously drinking this out of teacups, which is amusing, but it’s probably also necessary considering what’s about to come. Marlo jumpstarts the facilitation between  Porsha and Nene. Porsha states her version of the truth first, and Nene is sitting there looking like…


Nene then speaks her side of the truth. Basically, both women are accusing each other of not really being a friend. This conversation obviously goes nowhere. The only conclusion they come to is that their friendship is dead and dassit. But at least they didn’t throw any glasses or fist fight. In conclusion, Marlo offers one statement, “Y’all are awful guests. I’m never inviting y’all over again.”

Yeah, right, Marlo!


The episode winds down on the day of Kenya’s domestic violence PSA shoot. The group really comes together for this. Cynthia’s mom, who experienced domestic violence when Cynthia was a baby, is even a participant, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room after her testimony. Nene is also a victim of domestic violence and she kills her scene. Kandi delivers as well. She hasn’t experienced domestic violence but has friends and associates who have, and so she’s participating too. Sheree shows up late because she got into a car accident on the way there (she got rear-ended). She’s literally in tears from the pain (because the accident compounded a bulging disc in her back)–and still records her part like a G. That’s how serious this cause is for her. We joke about Sheree being messy, but this is admirable. Hopefully she took herself to a hospital afterward (seriously). 

In the end, Kenya seems proud of her results and even more proud that these women came together peacefully for the greater good. This may have been one of the most beautiful moments in ‘RHOA’ history.


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