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ABC's 'Scandal' - Season Seven

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Scandal is back from winter break, yay, but nooooo, because it’s on a sad note. Let go of all hope, it looks like Quinn is dead. Tonight’s episode begins with Papa Pope setting a car on fire. We see him closing the trunk with a body inside. We don’t see a face on the body, but it’s most likely Quinn. Rowan Pope is crazier than he is tricksy. Anyway, he reports the fire and in the next scene, we see Rosen telling the Gladiators that they found Quinn’s charred remains. The body was badly burned, but they identified her with dental records. Charlie is obviously distraught because he lost his fiancee and the baby, and Olivia Pope is crying crocodile tears. She’s definitely shook.

This is so wack. Quinn deserved much better than this.


As far as the funeral, Charlie asks Olivia to do the eulogy and she agrees. He also wants Quinn’s ashes to be placed inside of bullets and fired off. It’s some weird thing that Quinn would have liked. Meanwhile, Huck is losing it. No really, he’s losing it. We find him talking to Quin’s charred body at the morgue, vowing to get revenge.

Jake knows what’s up and confronts Rowan Pope about the choice he made to kill Quinn over his silly bones. Rowan Pope tells him that Olivia made this choice. Olivia chose Quinn over giving him his bones back just to prove a point. Jake says, “We lost our friend!” to which Papa Pope retorts, “I lost my child, so there are no winners here.”

Really, though? REALLY?


Fitz stops by to see Olivia in the wake of Quinn’s death. Instead of being gracious, Olivia berates him, insinuates that Quinn’s death is his fault and tells him to go away. Then she breaks down in tears after she slams the door in his face.

Hot mess.

Huck is on the case and believes that Liv killed Quinn because she was going to expose the truth about President Rashad’s assassination. He frantically explains his theory to Abby, she refuses to believe it and shuts him down. Huck then runs to Fitz since it doesn’t work out with Abby. He tells Fitz that he knew the White House would corrupt her and tries to get him to talk to her. Fitz says he already tried to save Olivia, long ago, with Vermont and the promises of swirly babies and a nice life. That obviously didn’t work so, he can be of no assistance. Huck is just relieved that someone else finally sees that Olivia has changed for the worst, and happy to know that he’s not going crazy.

This drives Huck to an AA meeting where he shares that his sober sponsor (Olivia) has died and that he wants a drink badly, but if he drinks it he won’t be able to live with himself. This is all a metaphor for him wanting to kill Olivia out of revenge. When Huck gets back to the office, he finds Olivia searching for the inspiration for Quinn’s eulogy. She’s wearing one of Quinn’s old hats and crying. Huck watches her grief-stricken meltdown while grasping his gun strongly considering pulling the trigger, but it seems like he starts having a change of heart when her grief appears real, especially when Olivia says, “We were supposed to protect her, that’s what we do, we’re gladiators!” That’s more like, guilt, though.

Now we’re at the memorial service. Charlie got his wish of putting Quinn’s ashes inside of bullets. Olivia does the eulogy as the gladiators bid farewell to Quinn by each firing off a bullet.


Meanwhile, Papa Pope gets his bones back.

Later on, Olivia stops by Fitz’s place to talk. Fitz is surprisingly open to her presence given her recent behavior. He comforts her and then they make love…as usual. They just can’t quit each other.


Rosen comes across Charlie in his car. Charlie says he doesn’t know where to go and definitely doesn’t want to go home because he doesn’t want to see his house with all of the baby’s things there. Rosen gets Charlie’s keys so he and Abby can go to his home and disassemble everything. They do so and find a flash drive hidden in a Pack ‘n Play.

Charlie stops by Rowan Pope’s place and says he’s ready to report for duty again. Being in love with Quinn made him human, but now he has nothing to live for and wants to start working again. Rowan Pope tells him to go home and think about what he’s really asking for. Then we hear a baby crying.


Charlie barges in, finds a baby girl in a crib upstairs and demands to know who’s baby it is (obviously it’s his baby). Rowan Pope doesn’t answer and they start fighting ferociously.

We end on that note.

Some people are still holding on to hope that Quinn is alive but those odds are slim. However, at least the baby survived.


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