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A televised interaction between a burglary suspect who was nabbed after leading police in Georgia on a high-speed chase, and a reporter from a local news station, has gone viral.

WSB-TV 2 Atlanta reporter Tom Regan caught up with a man who along with his brother had been arrested moments after running an elderly driver off into a ditch, on Friday, January 19.

The sibling suspects had been fleeing capture on a chase along I-285 that was reported to have reached speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. Fulton County police say that they were busted during a break-in and burglary at the Kensington Cove subdivision, and broke out as soon as their squad cars pulled up on the scene.

The chase would come to a halt shortly after the crash on Jonesboro Road and I-285. The brothers abandoned the vehicle at the site and jumped a fence in an attempt to get away, but didn’t get far before they were apprehended. When officers arrived at the local precinct, the local News 2 crew was waiting. Regan approached one suspect who remained cuffed in the back seat of a cruiser and inquired into his involvement in the reported burglary, but he was unwilling to confess to the crime, and initially reluctant to speak to the press. But before long that all changed.

“Hell naw. Bruh, get away from the car bruh. I don’t wanna talk,” the suspect said in response to a question on whether he was guilty of the burglary. When Regan followed up by asking why he was in police custody if he hadn’t committed a crime, the suspect then replied: “I don’t know. I have no idea sir. Why you got hair coming out your nose?” The suspect then cracked a smile and laughed along with the reporter.

“My bad mom. My bad. I’ll be home in a couple of days,” he’d get around to saying when asked if he had any words for loved ones who may have been watching the broadcast.

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