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A teacher in Alabama had the nerve to say 2Pac’s “Dear Mama,” the song about unconditionally loving his mother, is “n*gger music.”

HipHopWired Reports:

Local outlet WIAT reports:

Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy tells CBS 42 an investigation is ongoing after an incident last Friday at Hoover High.

“A teacher who used a racial term most inappropriate,” said Murphy.

Murphy said she spoke with the teacher Teddie Butcher, a family and consumer science teacher Tuesday morning about the incident with the Hoover High principal. Butcher told Murphy she walked into her classroom last Friday where students were playing music and the song playing had impropriate language.

“She responded by saying turn off the music that has the N word, and she used to the term that was in the song. She was making reference to the song to the music and certainly not the students, and that she regrets and apologizes and apologized to her class for that,” said Murphy.

Butcher, a white woman, handed in her resignation today to the Hoover School Board and accepted the terms.

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