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So Zendaya had a chance to interview Cardi B for the CR Fashion Book

1.Believe it or not, Cardi is a loner.

She described herself as “Honest. Energetic. I’m also kind of a loner.” She admits she likes to “be in silence, think, and make myself laugh.” A girl after our own heart.

2. Her dream day off involves very comfortable clothes.

She likes to lounge around, “I don’t want nobody to invite me nowhere. I don’t want to do my fucking makeup. I don’t want to put tight clothes on. I don’t want to wear heels. I don’t want to do shit,” she said. “But if I can be with my dude and have a little nasty time, I love that too.”

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3. She’s all about the beat and the studio

When asked about her music she said  “I cannot do music in my bedroom with a beat,” she said. “I have to be in the studio and when I am, I be in there for like, 15 hours. I get that one beat and I write and I write and I write.”

4. Her vocabulary? She got it from her mama (and her dad)

“So my vocabulary is a little bit different,” she said. “So I always ask people, ‘Hey, do this make sense? Can you say this word? Is this even a word?'” To which we say, does it even matter?

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5. Cardi B would like people to stop defining her culture.

“Some people want to decide if you’re black or not, depending on your skin complexion,” she said, “because they don’t understand Caribbean people or our culture.””I expect people to understand that just because we’re not African American, we are still black,” she said. “It’s still in our culture.” She added, “I really just want people to understand that the color that I have and features that I have are not from two white people fucking.”

After going this this interview do you feel Cardi B?