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Blitter, deemed the black alternative to Twitter, was all the rage at first. But then the founder had a meltdown and claimed to have sold the app to Facebook for $1.7 billion.

Blitter was trending earlier this morning (Feb. 7) with reactions from Twitter users noting that Pat, as he’s often referred to, was having another one of his epic meltdowns. In this particular string of thoughts, Twitter user @Signedbysophiee took note of Pat’s meltdown along with a caption of his “Bleets” (or is it Blit?) while criticizing his behavior of late.

“Ain’t no one got time to be supporting ANYONE whether black white or asian acting like this. Thank you “Pat” for again showing the world black people cant have nothing good without acting a fool. Good luck to any other Black App Developers! I hope this doesnt tarnish you,” @Signedbysophee wrote.

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