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Reality TV stars sure know how to act famous. And that’s what got Omarosa fired from the White House: improper use of the car service.

No, seriously.

Reports Page Six:

Manigault, the Trump administration’s former director of communications for its Office of Public Liaison — and a current contestant on TV’s “Celebrity Big Brother’’ — was using the work pick-up and drop-off service, known as “CARPET,” for her personal use, which is “strictly forbidden,’’ officials told Politico.

Fed-up White House chief of staff John Kelly finally gave her the ax in December. She then tried to sneak into the White House to make a personal appeal to President Trump, but was busted when she tripped security.

Not so coincidentally, this news comes shortly after Omarosa flapped her gums about Trump and Mike Pence on Celebrity Big Brother.

via HipHopWired