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On the latest episode of We Tried It, the squad decided to flick it up.

Sherrod and Cory are checking out the Polaroid I-1 Analog instant camera, which helps you add a vintage feel to your Polaroid shots. But first, Sherrod got a ‘fit off. Per usual, he’s rocking his ASAP (always say a prayer) shirt that we think he got from Bible camp, but he refuses to confirm. But this time he paired it with a silk du-rag in an effort to get his waves up.

The I-1 is an easy to use point and shoot camera that comes equipped with autofocus and a unique ring flash for you to live your best selfie life. After setting up the camera with his phone, Cory was able to easily make the camera shutter with his phone or with the noise triggering timer, so you can just take pictures by snapping your fingers. And that means you can get those Instagram pictures off without the rookie move of using a selfie stick. The duo liked it so much, they didn’t even destroy it.

Cop yours on Amazon for $160 and may the Prime gawds be with you. Hopefully, Sherrod and Cory can time their dap perfectly before the next episode.

We Tried It Polaroid Camera

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