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MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber quoted Mobb Deep when attacking the Trump administration in a segment on his show The Beat With Melber.

Melber referenced the group’s biggest song when comparing Trump’s governing tactics to former President Richard Nixon’s impeachment. “[Nixon’s impeachment case is] worth bearing in mind as the Trump White House now stonewalls investigators, but insist it’s not really invoking executive privilege, or it’s trying some kind of modified halfway executive privilege,” said Melber.

But there’s no such thing as halfway privilege, just as there’s no such thing as halfway crooks. We know the truth from the great poet Havoc of Mobb Deep who observed that true criminal minds are always thirsty for recognition, but you don’t see longevity from halfway crooks, ‘cause they always end up shook.’ And that’s the big problem facing any White House pursuing a cover-up with halfway privilege.

Member alleged that Trump had abused his executive privilege during his presidency much like Richard Nixon did during the Watergate scandal. He also revealed that a lawyer who wrote the articles of impeachment for the former president told him that Trump might be using similar tactics.

It’s interesting to note that Richard Nixon wrote Trump a letter encouraging him to run for public office in 1987 after he saw him speaking about politics on a talk show.

Source: complex.com