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This whole story just broke my heart. The fact that a young woman, mother of two was murdered for her tax refund.

According to BET 

In late February, 27-year-old Keiauna Davis showed up for work at the Dollar Store and planned to use cash from her $3,000 tax refund to buy supplies for her daughter Aliviyah’s birthday party. While Davis was at work, her co-worker Laya Whitley saw the cash and texted her friend Dane James Taylor  to rob Davis after work, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Taylor and Whitley, both 21, conspired to rob Davis of the refund money. Taylor hired 23-year-old Kaijin Xavier Scott  to drive him to the location.

Throughout the altercation, there was a scuffle that broke out, shots were fired and one shit hit Davis in the hip, ultimately killing her.

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Keep Her mother and children in your prayers


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