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Yesterday news of Usher and Grace Miguel’s divorce broke directly from the couple in a joint statement to press, but folks are still wondering…why? Could it have been that pesky herpes lawsuit? Welp, there are reports now from a source close to the Raymonds that their differences derived from Grace wanting more biological seeds, according to TheJasmineBrand. The couple was reportedly in a negative space for over a year because of the issue.

 They’ve been fighting non-stop over the past year. Grace wanted to have a surrogate, but Usher was only willing to adopt. He didn’t want a surrogate at all. Ultimately, he was the deciding factor of them not having a kid together.

Headlines surrounding Usher’s alleged sick peen and infidelity didn’t help the couple much either, says a source…

It put a serious strain on them. The headlines and accusations were brutal. And it was really tough on them. They were fighting about it non-stop.

Welp! One of our sources also tell us that Usher was having the time of his single life this past All Star Weekend in Los Angeles. The quietly separated singer was on the scene at a jam session hosted by Dave Chappelle and he had a select choice of women around him, dancing and having a great time says a witness.

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