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Keri Hilson was once one of the hottest names in music. Her singing as well as her songwriting garnered numerous accolades and critical acclaim. Despite her success, Hilson abruptly left the music business and left fans wondering what happened to her.

Seven years later she’s opening up about depression and how it led to her walking away from music. She recently spoke on a panel for Silence The Shame, an organization dedicated to mental health awareness.

When ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ was at the top of the charts, I was bearing the weight of some personal and professional mistakes and they just weighed so so so heavy on my spirit, and I was just not myself,” said Hilson.

Although I was at the mountain of my life, really the trajectory of my dream… I was at the pinnacle, you know? I was severely unhappy and then add to that, this is when I decide to jump out of an eleven-year relationship,” Keri said. “But it all just kind of spiraled for me, I had never recognized myself as a person who can’t pick themselves back up.. I was literally on stage crying.”

Literally, 7 years of my life have been a battle with depression. And I can’t say that I’m all the way clear, but I’m in the clear.” Watch above.

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