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Odell Beckham Jr. may want to keep better company. A video has surfaced with the NY Giants player in bed with women, weed, and more.

Now, it looks like Odell is keeping some questionable company as a video surfaced of the Giants’ wide receiver in bed with an unknown, aspiring Instagram model while Odell appears to be holding in a blunt in his left hand discussing himself having intercourse with another unnamed woman. The camera then pans to a woman cutting up what appears to be cocaine as the video ends with a face shot of the young woman filming the clip.

Obviously, the clip appears as if Odell has no idea he was being filmed as more video and photos have surfaced of the same woman silently attempting to kiss the receiver while he was sound asleep.

Sources have confirmed that the Giants are aware of the video’s existence and have refused to comment about the ordeal for now.

via VladTV