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A financial settlement of more than $1.27 million has been proposed to settle claims by the family of an 18-year-old killed on an Ohio State Fair ride last summer.

Tyler Jarrell was killed in July 2017 when the Fire Ball ride at the Ohio State Fair broke apart.

According to court documents, the offer is only a partial settlement as the family pursues the case against the ride manufacturer, KMG, and other potential defendants.

The proposed settlement includes the operators of the ride (Amusements of America) and two companies that inspected before the July 26 malfunction (Soil Consultants Inc. and Comspeq Consulting).

The exact amount of the prosed settlement is $1,271,195.40. It includes:

  • $19,168.98 in funeral expenses
  • $317,798.85 in attorney’s fees
  • $63,438.98 for expenses relating to the legal case.
  • $870,788.59 would go to Jarrell’s parents.

via ABC6OnYourSide