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We knew we loved Chrissy Teigen. And here’s just another reason.

The newlywed apparently had a fun night out with her girls because she posted the above video on Instagram where she’s basically motorboating her BFF Brooklyn Decker‘s vagina in the back seat of a cab, or some form of transportation.

But what does it mean? The caption read “VAGINA RASP RASPBERRY VAGINA@brooklynddecker @angeliquecinelu” but that’s not really important here, what’s important is how absurdly perfect the video is.

And this really shouldn’t be a surprise, Chrissy is no stranger to a little sexual controversy.

Chrissy, we love you, and John…we’re jealous.

Chrissy Teigen Motorboating Brooklyn Decker’s Vag Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today (VIDEO)  was originally published on globalgrind.com