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Belly, The Weeknd

Source: Xilla Valentine / No Kable Productions

Hip-hop artist, Ahmad Balshe, better known as Belly, has a lot of good company backing him on his rise to prominence. Not only is an artist underneath The Weeknd’s XO imprint, he’s also got Roc Nation in the cut handling his background details and business, and apparently has a contract with Cash Money Records as well. The Palestinian-Jordanian-Canadian rapper has several hits under his belt including ‘Might Not’ featuring The Weeknd, ‘P.O.P’, ‘Trap Phone’, and ‘White Girls’ which get a lot of attention in the streaming and YouTube realm.

But even with all of his recent success and hitting the Coachella main stage alongside The Weeknd earlier in the evening couldn’t stop him from receiving a flurry of fists he received from the Coachella security staff while making his way from the sound booth to the VIP section near the stage.

In the clip taken by a bystander, Belly can be seen with his back against a metal barrier, taking a plethora of closed fist blows directly to his head from several security guards rendering the rapper defenseless while The Weeknd performs “The Hills” on stage. The flying fists become so overwhelming Belly himself gets lost in the mayhem but still was able to walk away from the incident under his own strength.

After being pummelled by multiple members of the Coachella security staff, Belly took to Twitter and stated the following, “no negative bulls*** can steal my joy.. I performed the best show of my life, on 4/20 at Coachella I really came from nothing, and I’m still here.. it’s gotta mean something.”

Belly later added, “20 of you p***ies couldn’t take me off my feet.”

Unfortunately, the authorities were not able to defuse the conflict, showing up after participants in the scuffle dispersed. There’s no word as to why Belly received so many pairs of hands at one time.

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