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 The Cavs’ DJ is taking petty to another level.

Taking another recent win against the Toronto Raptors wasn’t enough to satisfy the team’s official DJ, Steph Floss. In fact, it only enhanced the pettiness he had hidden deep within himself. So what better way to show undeniable confidence in his team but by subtly dissing the Raptor’s number supporter, Drake?

Uninterrupted got taken over by the DJ who had a lot to say about his Cavaliers. His antics didn’t stop at renaming Toronto as “LeBronto.” Nor when he went as far as calling Drizzy’s latest hit “Bron’s Plan” in place of “God’s Plan.” Floss was so into making sure his stance against the 6 God clear that he promised there would be no Drake music played at his mix shows in Cleveland or at any of the home games until the series finishes.

He even advised somebody to “check up on Drake” since the loss and his colorful moments during the past few games. One perfect example is his use of “bad language” after an exchange of words with Cavs center, Kendrick Perkins. The Raptor fanatic’s behavior got so out of hand that it earned him a warning from the NBA.

Hopefully, Floss’ cockiness won’t bite him later on. But if it did, imagine the response Drake would have!

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