Need a Photoshoot done? Need someone to immortalize that “Glo Up”? Let these Photographers on the rise help you out!

1. ShotByDeth

Keanu Gordon’s name may not be familiar to many, but his brand “ShotByDeth” has been seen worldwide!

Keanu has been seen capturing many Artists in their element, and providing results that aim to stand out. While he gets into the directing/videography game and pushes his “Forever” music movement, Deth has been a go-to-guy for many on the rise for quite some time.

If you don’t know, now you know.

Twitter: @ForeverDeth

Instagram: @ShotByDeth


2. Romario Lynch

Considered a “Visual Connoisseur,” prepare to be tagged with his #SeenByLynch branding if you’re caught by his razor sharp lens.

Also a Graphic Designer and Videographer, Lynch covers all grounds when it comes to delivering a visual package for your favourite Artist, or brand. Get familiar with the works of LYNCH including his recently released “Stay Good Vol. 1” book.

Twitter: @LeBossLynch

Instagram: @LeBossLynch


3. SvmSing

Samantha Singh a.k.a. “SvmSing” is another Photographer that should be in your contact list. From event shots, to capturing nature, she’ll make anything look good.

An upcoming producer as well, she can provide the soundtrack to your photoshoot if needed. Get familiar with her today, you might end up in her upcoming Lookbook.

Twitter: @xSvmSingx

Instagram: @xSvmSingx

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