I am happy about this heart warming story, it looks as if Kim Kardashian will be meeting with Alice Marie Johnson.

Alice Marie Johnson is the great grandmother who was doing a life year bid in prison for non violent crimes. She was convicted of money laundering and I believe drug possession.

Kim caught wind of Alice story on twitter and wanted to make a stand for criminal reform. Alice happened to be her first story of getting justice for Alice.

Kim K did hace to go speak with Donald Trump, about Ms. Johnson release. No later than a week Alice Marie Johnson is a FREE Woman. Now whether or not this is all some sort of act to get Donald Trump reelected(which i think it is) hasn’t been determined. I do know thatches is a great story, but ONE person FREED is not enough!! We need to be sending Kim K and President Trump a list of people who may have been victims of criminal injustice.

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